Put my 40 years of experience and expertise with adobe construction to work for you.

Working with adobe in its purest form of natural dirt, water and straw is my greatest joy. 

I have used this proportionate mix for adobe bricks, mortar, interior & exterior plastering, floors, bancos, fireplaces and hornos.  

Restoration and renovation of old structures of adobe, give me a great sense of pleasure.  The simple elegance of the adobe architecture and earth structure lends itself to a sense of purity and simplicity unmet by any other material of architecture.  When living in an adobe structure you can have an experience of warmth, connection to the spirit of the earth and charmed by its influences.  It also has the ability to create a visual softness and roundness in your environment. 
I am a licensed contractor for residential and commercial building in the state of New Mexico   since 1979.  I built with adobe in Taos & Abiquiu New Mexico, Tucson Arizona, state of Sonora, Mexico.

     Services Provided:
  • Guidance from beginning to end for your adobe project
  • Consultation about your adobe building?
  • Advice for any adobe project?
  • General Contractor to build
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Also licensed in the State of Washington.